Unlock the World of Luxury Watches

Invest in exclusive watch models from Rolex, AP, and Patek Philippe through fractional ownership.

Start Small

Start with as little as CHF 250.- and become a co-owner of watches that have historically been reserved for the wealthiest individuals.

Simplified Process

Zurichberg handles all aspects of the investment, from procurement to insurance to the distribution of profits after exit.

No Expertise needed

We offer clear information on each watch's investment potential and tools to help you understand watches as an investment class

Invest like the Top 0.1%

The top 0.1% of wealthiest individuals invest in luxury watches for their outperformance and diversification benefits. Why don't you?

Why should you become a fractional owner of Luxury watches?

Discover how these timeless assets have outperformed traditional investments

The most influential watch brands such as Rolex, AP, and Patek Philippe are privately held companies, which you cannot access as an investor. We change that by enablying you to access their future Growth through fractional investments in their most exclusive products.

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Watch prices historically offer stable returns and are not as volatile as traditional assets like stocks. In the last 7 years the luxury watch market outperformed the S&P 500 by 117%.

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Unlike other alternative asset classes such as art, fine wines etc the secondary market for watches is highly liquid.

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Watches are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes and can act as a perfect hedge against inflation.

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In the event of an economic downturn, fine watches may turn out to represent a safe-haven asset.


Access the most exclusive timepieces from Switzerland's most investable watch brands

Step 1

Request Early Access

Onboard for free by answering just a few basic details before unlocking your access to Zurichberg.
Step 2

Explore and Select

Navigate our exclusive selection using user-friendly tools. Gain insights into each watch’s heritage, craftsmanship, and market sentiment directly on our platform.
Step 3

Start with a Fraction

Choose your preferred watch and the fraction you want to co-own, starting at just CHF 250. Step into the world of luxury watch co-ownership effortlessly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about luxury watch co-ownership? You're not alone. Here, we answer your most pressing queries to help clarify how you can start owning part of a luxury watch with ease.

Fractional ownership allows you to acquire a part of a luxury watch, making prestigious brands accessible at a fraction of the full cost. You co-own the watch with a number of other enthusiasts, allowing everyone to participate in their value increase.

Luxury watches have proven to be stable investments, showing consistent appreciation over time. They are less volatile than traditional investments like stocks and often hold value well, even in economic downturns.

Yes, arrangements can be made for co-owners to view their watches under secure conditions. Specific terms and access depend on the co-ownership agreement and the storage options chosen.

If you want to wear the watch, discover our co-ownership offering

Each watch on our platform is rigorously authenticated by experts and comes with a digital twin that includes detailed data and proof of authenticity. We ensure that every piece is genuine and of investment grade.

You can start co-owning a luxury watch with as little as CHF 250. This low entry barrier makes it easy for anyone interested in the luxury market to begin building their collection.

You can increase your ownership stake at any time by purchasing additional fractions, subject to availability.

Also, being a fractional owner grants you automatically with a buyout option, allowing you to buy out the entire watch anytime. The specific exit price depends on the minimum return set on the watch's investment case.

If you decide to sell your fraction, you benefit from any appreciation in the watch’s value since your purchase. Our platform facilitates the sale, ensuring you can easily find buyers and transfer ownership.

While the primary cost is your initial purchase, there are minimal ongoing fees for insurance and secure storage of the watches ensuring they are protected and maintained in pristine condition.

Our platform offers real-time analytics and valuation tools that allow you to monitor the value of your watch fractions and manage your portfolio effectively.

Absolutely! Zurichberg encourages forming or joining groups to co-own watches, enabling you to access more watches for less money. You can invite friends to invest together, enhancing the social and communal aspects of your investment.